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Energizer, PowerGenix and Sanyo Eneloop Review

recently engadget wrote about comparison between Energizer, PowerGenix and Sanyo Eneloop.... follow this link


eneloop Solar Light - Lights Up With Solar Energy

eneloop Solar Light
Lights Up With Solar Energy SSL-LT1S-E

eneloop Solar Light

Equipped with USB Power Port
"SplashProof" water resistance (conformstoJISIPX4)

Special Features
Ideal for outdoors or in the event of emergencies such as natural disaster (AC power supply unavailable)

cell phone charger solar energy
Equipped with a USB output socket* which can charge phone at times of emergency

Two types of LED light
- Panel Light (9 /5 /1 LED Light)
- Beam Light

eneloop SOS signal
SOS signal attached for emergency. Press light switch and USB output button and hold for 4 seconds or longer to generate the SOS signal.

Specially designed cutomized strap which can be attached to the shoulder or tent hooks

*External output: Internal battery stores enough energy to charge a mobile phone once (The amount of chraging needed varies with the mobile phone models)

eneloop-solar-led-lightSolar Light set includes:
1x Solar Light with USB Power Port
1x AC Adapter
1x Cutom Strap

L242 x W186mm x H28mm

Approx. 800g

Charger Input:
Solar Charging DC 5.3V 0.45A*
Via AC Adapter DC 5V 1A

Charger Output:
USB Socket DC5V 500mA (max)

AC Adapter input:
AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

AC Adapter Output:
DC 5V 1A

Charging Time:
Solar Charger:
Approx. 15-30 Daylight hrs (Depends on the level of remaining charge and ambient temperature)
AC Adapter:
Approx. 3.5hrs
USB Output:
Approx. 110mins

Operating Hours:
Panel Light
9 LED Lights = Approx. 9hrs
5 LED Lights = Approx. 15hrs
1 LED Lights = Approx. 35hrs

Beam Light = Approx. 50hrs

*Irradiance: 1000w/m2, module temperature: 25 C

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Basic Battery Checker eneloopy

Basic Battery Checker eneloopy
Basic Battery Checker eneloopy
HR-3UTG-2BP (eneloopy)
LED nose indicator shows remaining capacity

Special Features
With "eneloopy" you can check the residual power of eneloop battery simply in 3 colors at the nose of eneloopy.
When an accessory feeder (spacer) is used, the residua; power of an AAA eneloop battery can be displayed.

eneloopy set
Set includes
1x Basic Battery Checker eneloopy
2x AA eneloop batteries
2x Feeder (spacer for AAA eneloop)
2x Bone (Insert into slot to remove battery)

how to use eneloopy - eneloopy guide
How to check the capacity
1. Slide open eneloopy and insert the eneloop battery
2. For AAA eneloop, insert spacer to fit the battery in the eneloopy
3. Slide the rear legs back to normal position and press the swicth on the chest of eneloopy

battery checker indicator
How to remove the battery
Slide the rear legs of eneloopy to open it and push out the battery by inserting a bone (provided in the pack)

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New! Sanyo eneloop C and D Size

eneloop battery C sizeModel name
C Size
Made In Japan

Approx 60g

1 pc C size battery

eneloop battery D sizeModel name
D Size
Made In Japan

Approx 100g

1 pc D size battery

if you already have AA or AAA size of eneloop battery, use this Eneloop Battery C and D size Adapter

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Sanyo eneloop C and D Size Adapter

You can't use any AA or AAA size batteries on some applications which require C or D battery sizes, you have to buy a new battery or simply use these battery adapter:


• 2 Adaptor C-Size
use with eneloop AA size


• 2 Adaptor D-Size
use with eneloop AA size

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Sanyo eneloop Batteries

SANYO has chosen two most popular sizes (AA and AAA) for eneloop.
If you need C or D size, you can use eneloop battery adapter

Sanyo eneloop batteries product:


• 2 pcs eneloop AA 2000 mAh


• 4 pcs eneloop AA 2000 mAh


• 8 pcs eneloop AA 2000 mAh


• 2 pcs eneloop AAA 800 mAh


• 4 pcs eneloop AAA 800 mAh


• 4 pcs eneloop AA 2000 mAh

• 4 pcs eneloop AAA 800 mAh

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How to Spot Fake or Genuine (Real) eneloop Batteries

How to spot fake or genuine (real) eneloop Batteries?
What's the differences between fake and geniune eneloop?

These pictures will show you the differences:

the label misspells the word, water, as wather and wash as wahsthe label misspells the word, water, as wather and wash as wahs
click on image to enlarge

Fake and geniune eneloop positive poleclick on image to enlarge

fake and real eneloop batteryclick on image to enlarge

negative pole fake and real eneloopclick on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

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